It’s Official…I’m Master Cart Certified!

July 17, 2009

As a Virtual Assistant, I have learned that the growth of my business truly relies on my ability to continue my education. When I review my goals and budget throughout the year, I incorporate training that reflects those goals for growth or expansion into complimentary areas.

Last year, several of my clients requested shopping cart and affiliate management assistance for their online businesses, as a companion to their bookkeeping tasks. I decided to educate myself beyond my self-starter adaptability and enrolled in several cart courses. I am proud to note that I have now completed Practice Pay Solution’s Cart Strategist and Cart Technician training to become Master Cart Certified in the 1ShoppingCart brand system. I am happily displaying their logo!

And very shortly, I will be even prouder to display another cart certification … but I’ll leave that a surprise. Go ahead … toot your own horn, and let me know what you have in the works.

Has Your Client Asked You to Charge Less?

June 26, 2009

This is a comical video for anyone who has ever had a client request that you lower your rates.

As business owners, we do need to be able to identify areas where deals can be negotiated, but it is much more important to be able to identify areas where scrimping can actually hurt your business. Spend your money where you will receive the most value, whatever that may be: increased productivity, improved time management, or greater quality of life. The benefits to move your business forward will far outweigh the cost. Watch and learn. am5nr293hu

Intuit Small Business Town Hall on Using Social Media

June 23, 2009

I am happy to say Intuit, makers of QuickBooks software, is continuing to improve. They are building their Small Business Community with town hall events, webinars, training, conferences, Ask the Expert events and more. This Thursday, June 25 at 9am PT (12pm ET), the Town Hall topic will be Using Social Media to Grow Your Business. Join Michelle Long, CPA and the following guests as they discuss how to use social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, for effective marketing.

  • Scott Wilder – Small Business Group at Intuit
  • Chris Kim – Senior Marketing Manager with Intuit
  • Dante Layton – Owner of Dante Layton, Inc.
  • Ruth Perryman – Owner of the QB Specialists

Cost is free and there will be a Q&A session following the discussion. Hope you can make it!

Home Based Tax Savings Courses

June 8, 2009

Last month I finished Dr. Ron Mueller’s Tax Savings Basic Essentials Course with the hopeful goal of saving a few thousand dollars on my taxes this year. I was not disappointed in his thorough review of tax deductions and simple record keeping requirements. I was able to read through his book “Home Business Tax Savings Made Easy!” in 2 days. Dr. Mueller arms you with the knowledge and confidence to take those known tax deductions without fear of the IRS. I’ve never written off my home office but now that I understand the IRS tax code requirements better, I will realize more tax savings this year.

Ron explains better than I can, so here is his message to all of us! The BIG bonus is that I am now armed with the IRS tax code to share with my clients ;) This course will seriously pay for itself by the time you have finished it. Let me know what you save.

Using the Same Name in QuickBooks

March 22, 2009

Did you know it is possible to have a vendor and a customer with the same name in QuickBooks? OK, well not quite the same name, but a wise bookkeeper colleague of mine explained how this can be done. Say for example, XYZ Company provides computer services so you setup them up as a vendor named XYZ Company. Now they also pay you rent to share your space, so they are also a customer and here is how to name them: XYZ Company {Customer}. The key is using the brackets. This naming method can also be used for corporate owner distributions who also receive employee paychecks. QuickBooks essentially sees the bracketed text as invisible and the bonus is that the text does not print out on your paychecks or forms. Try it out and be sure to stop back to let us know how it worked for you!

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What IS this Twitter buzz?

November 11, 2008

A few months ago, a colleague of mine asked if I was on Twitter. Dumbfounded, I went searching to find out what the buzz was all about. At first, I didn’t quite get the point of micro-blogging in 160 characters or less — what could be the value in that? Well, now I’m hooked and think it’s a cool concept. I will say Twitter can definitely suck up huge chunks of your time. As with any social media network, it takes time to build a following and find other interesting people you’d like to follow. Ultimately, that’s what makes it so much fun! Reading all the tweets as I work from home is like having an office full of chatter. I get hot tips for my business, links to awesome blogs, websites and contests, keep up with the news, as well as having daily laughs and inspirational quotes. The more Twitter peeps you follow, the more enjoyable it is (peeps is slang for people).

Here are some great resources to get started on Twitter:

  • Twitter Revolutionby @WarrenWhitlock and @CoachDeb.
  • Mashable posts on How To and How NOT To Build Your Twitter Community by @PRSarahEvans.
  • Visit the TwiTip blog by @problogger and learn how to use Twitter more effectively.
  • Know your Twitter Lingo as noted by @MariSmith. A must have to fit your tweets in 160 characters.
  • Check out TweetBeep and setup keyword alerts by @mdjensen. They’re like Google Alerts for Twitter.

And the best news yet for this Twitter addiction? I recently found a fabulous new client for my project management and bookkeeping services. Twitter rocks! Come follow me at @KellyWilliamsVA.

Back to School and Back to Business

September 17, 2008

What a relief summer has passed! This was a hectic one and I’m happy to be refocusing on my business. We’re getting into the groove of school drop-off and pick-up, and facing the fact that my precious 3 year old boy has started preschool. Shoot, I even decided to take another accounting course locally, ONLINE, as I work towards my bookkeeping certificate. You gotta love the convenience of that! I’ve decided to reinforce my bookkeeping foundation because as a QuickBooks user, you really need to build on the accounting essentials when the computer software does so much for you. This is my first step in strategizing the expansion of my business in the coming months.

Looking back over this first strong year in business, I realize I’ve been working diligently in support of a handful of clients. But with my nose to the grindstone, I’ve neglected to keep myself active in a variety of networking forums and blogging here. With a fresh new fall on the way, I’m ready to get back to business!

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